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Company Profile

Having a two generation long tradition of knowledge and skillfulness in the art of making fur garments the Michalopoulos Family established in 1985 the brand ERA   to secure a place in the area of textile garment business.  In this way the brand ERA was born with the intention to deal with this new ERA...

In its path, two people were found who inspired ERA with their ideas; Mr. Shibata Teruo, from   Japan in terms of quality and novelty; and Mrs. Gina Miao Ching Lee from Hong-Kong in terms of understanding the needs of the market.

As a result, the company started creating lines with characteristics initially built upon the excellent know –how of fur business originating from our hometown – Kastoria. As time passed by, these characteristics were enriched with new ideas and experiences resulting in a philosophy still existent until today;  Contemporary style, special and delicate materials and a production quality that guarantee  all the characteristics of the brand ERA making it unique in the world.

ERA’s scope is to establish its position as one of the leading brands in overcoats in markets that are receptive of the novelty of the Italian design, the finesse of the French couture and the attention to detail as in the Japanese school. In this way, ERA expands progressively based on the basic values of its business culture (quality – novelty – design) as well as on the development of new products (technical fabrics – cashmeres – wools – muttons – furs).

As a result, every season the collection is the product of a developmental philosophy that pays attention to the improvement of its quality, its research and novelty. The ERA   garments are designed and made to address an elite clientele and to those that are accustomed to recognize the higher quality.

The distribution of the ERA coats is strategically performed so as to be close to all the big stores worldwide as well as to areas where one can find the most famous and luxurious brands.

It is under this philosophy that we work towards the realization of our dream for a more beautiful, temptingly warmer world…